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Clay Jewelry Care

Clay jewelry is very popular right now amongst those who love statement style jewelry!

Clay jewelry is great for a lot of reasons:

  • It is very lightweight. Many earring pairs I create weigh less than an ounce. This makes it easy to wear a pair all day. You can also now choose a larger, statement style clay earring or necklace that in other materials would be heavy, but with clay is still lightweight and not dependent on the size. 
  • Colors are infinite. Artists use their knowledge of color to create infinite color options. You can most likely find an artist using a color to match a certain outfit you have in mind!
  • Clay is durable. When cooked correctly, clay is bendable and droppable. During baking, polymers inside the clay create a chemical bond, making a durable material.

With its popularity, you may have acquired a piece of clay jewelry. From a good clay maker and with proper care, clay jewelry is a long lasting, high quality accessory.

How should I care for my clay jewelry?

  • When you need to clean it, do so gently with soap and water. Avoid swimming/showering while wearing it. Water will not hurt the clay, but could affect the metal fittings depending on the metal. Coated metals will dull with repeated exposure to water.
  • Put your clay earrings on after applying makeup, hairspray, perfumes, lotions, you get the idea. These things won't damage the clay, but they can build up on your jewelry and leave a residue.
  • Avoid storing your clay jewelry in your purse, pockets, etc. and store safely in your jewelry box. This care tip really applies to all jewelry though doesn't it?

Follow these tips for your clay care needs and you will surely take care of your quality pieces!

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